Better evaluations...Less time. More impact.

TeachBoost Pro is a highly customizable observation and evaluation platform that supports ongoing feedback and growth for teachers and school leaders.

The observation and evaluation process can be tedious and time-consuming for everyone involved.

TeachBoost Pro offers time-saving, easy-to-use tools that provide an accurate and comprehensive picture of the bright spots and growth areas across all levels — individual, department, school, and district.

TeachBoost Pro is customized to meet your unique district needs and rubrics. 

  • District-level Heatmaps provide an at-a-glance look for district leaders to analyze strengths and areas of need.
  • The Sketch tool saves time and makes the most out of pre- and post classroom visits.
  • Teachers are able to create a portfolio showcasing their growth.
  • The Resource Library can support ongoing professional development.
  • The Summative Evaluation Tool automatically calculates end-of-year evaluation.

Spend a half-day less per week on evaluations

Provide higher quality feedback faster

Measure progress and provide clear actions

TeachBoost Pro adapts to your needs, not the other way around

Our dedicated team works with you to customize TeachBoost Pro to your unique needs, giving district and school leaders complete confidence that plans will be carried out with the right frequency and fidelity for every teacher.

The Evaluation Dashboard summarizes progress and makes next steps clear!

Empower teachers to reach their full potential

The TeachBoost Pro Sketch tool helps educators focus on the most important elements of their work.

  • Deliver high-quality feedback as a means to improve practice
  • Give teachers an equal voice in their learning and development
  • Make observation results actionable for every teacher and school

Heatmap highlights areas for professional development

  • Bring all the data from the observation and evaluation process into one easy-to-use view 
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses according to your district’s rubric or framework
  • Identify places to invest in or align professional development
  • Monitor progress across all levels of the organization 

Download the TeachBoost Pro Product Walkthrough

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